»  How a diagnosis of asperger syndrome is made in adults?  «

Many asperger syndrome adults happen to read, hear some information or be told by a family member or friend about asperger syndrome. Some may believe that the information matches their history and their current situation and, as a result, may self-diagnose. Others are not so welcoming of the diagnosis.

Sometimes family members suspect that their adult child, spouse or sibling may have asperger syndrome and wonder how to tell them about it. Professionals, even some who have had long-term relationships with their clients, may realize for the first time that the traits their client is exhibiting are best describe by asperger syndrome. A professional may be uncertain of the diagnosis, however, if asperger syndrome is outside his or her area of expertise.

»  Employment opportunities  «

Aptitude in social behavior is required in every aspect of life. Hence, despite their intelligence being average or above average levels, the chances of employment for adults with Asperger’s syndrome get limited due to their social disabilities. However, there are agencies and services that help such individuals in getting jobs. It is important to remember that Asperger’s syndrome does not retard one’s intellectual development. If only society is a little patient and tolerant with their inability to understand social norms, they can fend for themselves as engineers, mathematicians, video game designer or photographers. They should avoid jobs of a receptionist, cashier or waiter as these involve a lot of social interactions.

»  Asperger’s syndrome and adults in relationship  «

Research have been done into the sexual interests of adults who have Asperger’s syndrome is still in the stage of infancy, the studies have revealed that they have a normal sexual urge as other adults, but their sexual codes may not be as mature as expected of their age. Hence, inappropriate sexual behavior might be expected. However, due to their inability to understand people’s emotions, they may face some challenges in issues related to married life parenting. If only the partner understands the symptoms and does not expect the spouse with Asperger’s syndrome to shoulder equal responsibilities of the family, married life could be congenial and happy.

»  Intensive neuro acupuncture  «

Asperger’s can use intensive neuro acupuncture, which is this treatment is a daily treatment, 3 times per day. Insert fine needle on specific point at your scalp. Neuro Acupuncture Treatment can help your Qi (energy) flow inside your body to activate your brain cells. Intensive treatment for Neuro Acupuncture had shows a good result in the past ten years.

»  Chinese herbal medicine – natural remedies  «

Chinese Master has his own garden to plant the Herbal. The reason to plant the herbal himself is he can much more easily to manage the quality and effective of the herbal. Chinese Master has his own herbal formula. He mixed a few different herbal in a pack and gives it to his patient.

The patient can choose not to get an acupuncture treatment, if they are not comfortable with it. The Chinese Herbal Medicine also works as good as the acupuncture. However, if you take the intensive neuro acupuncture and eat the Chinese herbal medicine together, the result will work much more efficiency.



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